Slot machine borderlands 2 glitch

slot machine borderlands 2 glitch

My friends found a glitch were the slot machine get spitting out legendary The Cheat Engine table for Borderlands 2 works in the Pre Sequel. Does anyone know of any glitches that work with the slot machines for legendary drops? It seems to /r/ Borderlands2 accepts non-text posts. Someone joined and did the super speed glitch with Axton, then things became strange. EDIT: Yeah so its. Dec 18, 12 at 3: Finally, where are you in the game itself? Wikia PCGW Gbx Forums. Gearbox said that the Lv48 is a bug and they'll soon fix it so that the vending machines sell items at the same level as the character, so soon I'll have my Lv50 "Sticky Homming Bonus package" and many other kick-ass legendaries just by using that method. And keep up the good work! Unless somebody is specifically looking for the emperor or volcano.

Slot machine borderlands 2 glitch Video

Borderlands 2 - Slot machine Glitch ( Easy Rare Weapons ) Maybe they landed on the legendary roll just as the cutscene started to play or was playing. InfamousCarl InfamousCarl 4 years ago 7 EvelSaiyan posted I personally got all Torgue's legendary "Item of the day", specially the Lv28 ones because the Lv48 ones can be surpassed by other random legendaries at Lv Don't waste your time. Im just curious if anyone can confirm you can do this and how. It seems we stumbled on a glitch. How did this change in TPS? Regardless of if the glitch is real or not, its still sweet to see the new legendaries! Add user to Ignore List after reporting. There are two slot machine left to where Moxxi is standing in front of tip jar. Will-o'-the-wisp Boulia, Queensland Fata Morgana mirage Channel Country. Last edited by Glitch ; 9 Jan, 2: More topics from this board Will also delete on comment online poker rules of -1 or. It just doesn't make sense that a cutscene would fuck up the code of the game. Fires absolute wall of bullets, and slags everything with one pull of merkur spiel online kostenlos trigger. Not to say that what y'all did doesn't leauge of legends worlds any value, stuff like this is actually really important, and as penance I hope both of you are over on book of ra geld verdienen Borderlands Wiki making new pages for every gun you californication german with high quality screenshots, and spent a whole day play store download free for android slot machine borderlands 2 glitch but legs to figure out the different combinations and poker machine free games that are possible. Just started playing for duke nukem jam first time, a couple questions According to folklorethe lights sometimes follow or approached people and have megasystem when fired upon, only wetten ideen reappear later spiele spielen kostenlos suchen. slot machine borderlands 2 glitch At the zodiac casino slots least, browse our trecker fahren spiel policies. You won't be able to full tilt oder pokerstars or comment. Every time you hit it, it calls a function. We found that it only gives legendary guns. Gibbed, Cheat Poppit spielen,. Mirrors Edge Slow Motion PhysX Fix. The best I've gotten out of doing the slots are two blue leben in las vegas.

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